Gingerbread Cake

My husband came home yesterday from a long day of plowing snow and some lady had been kind enough to give him a plate of goodies….fudge, a gingerbread cupcake and cookies. Well, right after he fell asleep my sweet tooth set in….and I may have eaten his gingerbread cupcake! I was only going to have a bite but it was sooo good, I ate the whole thing!! He usually doesnt eat many sweets so I figured he wouldnt even notice…. WRONG!! So I promised to make him some more gingerbread since I ate all of his!

I have tons of cook books, but I never use them, I always hop on the internet and find recipes from Martha Stewart, allrecipes, or better homes and gardens. I love because their users review them and if you read a few….”this was horrible” you know not to make it! (well unless you’re one of those people who has to try everything for yourself) So I read the reviews and only use the recipes that other people have enjoyed themselves!

So I decided that a recipe bearing 4.5 stars and 355 reviews had to be pretty darn good. So I figured I’d give it a try….Forewarning….I LOVE to cook and usually I am really good at it….but my kitchen looks it when Im done! I make a MESS when I cook! I always tell myself a messy kitchen is a sign of a good cook! So please don’t expect any beautiful pictures of some insanely clean kitchen and step by step manicured pictures because you won’t find it here. My husband would be horrified if he even knew I took my camera in the kitchen because it will probably come out wearing some of the batter!

So here it goes…..

Preheat my oven to 350 degrees, grease the pan…or forget that, I always get the pan out when I’m ready to pour the batter in!

Cream together the butter and sugar

Then add the egg and a cup of molasses (this seemed like a lot…and in my opinion it was!!)

Then in another bowl sift together flour and spices etc….except I never sift anything! It takes to long….so I sift for about a minute and then just pour the rest in and stir it around! Then add the dry mixture to the creamed mixture. Then add the hot water and mix VERY slowly at first….( I ended up wearing some of this as it splashed me!!) Now go get your pan, grease it and pour your batter into it!

Bake for 1 hour ( mine was overdone after 50 mintutes!!) So I say bake for 40 minutes and then check it!

I made frosting for mine because I think gingerbread should always have frosting or its dry and sticky! I can’t give you the frosting recipe because I just poured all the powder sugar I had, some butter, a little bit of milk and a splash of vanilla in and well it worked!


Oooh, I forgot to mention….the final product doesnt always look perfect either! This is real life ladies…not Martha Stewart and I dont have time to spread the frosting evenly because in all reality its gonna taste the same either way!

Honestly, this wasnt my favorite recipe. There was too much molasses for my liking but its texture and everything was great. If I would have read further through the reviews I would have seen that most people used a 1/2 cup of applesauce and some subsitituted some brown sugar or honey for part of the molasses.

Wanna give it a try……here’s the link to the recipe

Merry Christmas



About Thiswifeslife

I am an unorganized fun loving wife who is crazy about my husband, my dogs, my horses and cooking. I love trying new recipes but the reality is this is real life and more often than not I just end up with a really big mess and really good food that doesnt look like a chef prepared it! I don't believe in cake mixes, frozen dinners or anything premade. My house is never spotless, all of the laundry is never done, I always make a huge mess when I cook and at the end of the day, I still have so much I hoped to finish! I am also a newlywed and Im still adjusting to living my new husband, and hes still adjusting to my little quirks like leaving every light in the house on when I go to bed or plugging up our garbage disposal with carrot peels! I write about real life, real meals that you can make at home without having to order in special ingredients and projects and thoughts that real down to earth people find interesting! Enjoy!
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