Happy Late New Year

Well obviously 2011 has been busy for me because I’ve been nonexistent on here since before Christmas! The truth is I wanted to cherish the time spent with my family and so I logged off and did just that! I had such a wonderful Christmas and actual took time to enjoy the snow! I even made it through a whole day of skiing!! And my wonderful hubby got me a new pair of snowboots for Christmas this year…..and I love them!! They are trimmed with fur at the top so theyre not at all ugly, (which is a very important thing to look for when buying snow boots!) We ate way too much fun, played lots of games and enjoyed Christmas! The good news is, I did intend to post some blogs of my holiday baking and I took pictures and everything! So they’re on their way! And most of the baking I did would be fitting all year round! Stay tuned for sea salt caramels, sea salt truffles, messy, messy cake balls and more!! And my wonderfully talented baker of a sister showed me a few of her new recipes that she is selling to a local bakery in her area….And she also got us a sushi making kit for Christmas which was a blast to make!! So stay tuned for some good posts!! Happy New Year Everyone….Let’s make it a good one!!


About Thiswifeslife

I am an unorganized fun loving wife who is crazy about my husband, my dogs, my horses and cooking. I love trying new recipes but the reality is this is real life and more often than not I just end up with a really big mess and really good food that doesnt look like a chef prepared it! I don't believe in cake mixes, frozen dinners or anything premade. My house is never spotless, all of the laundry is never done, I always make a huge mess when I cook and at the end of the day, I still have so much I hoped to finish! I am also a newlywed and Im still adjusting to living my new husband, and hes still adjusting to my little quirks like leaving every light in the house on when I go to bed or plugging up our garbage disposal with carrot peels! I write about real life, real meals that you can make at home without having to order in special ingredients and projects and thoughts that real down to earth people find interesting! Enjoy!
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